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BHConverter User Guide v1.0®


Software Specifications

Using BHConverter


BHConverter is a program used to convert an image from Bitmap format to Hexdecimal values. The result is save as a plain text file, and this file will further use in an assembly or C program that 'Drive' a LCD display to show the image.

BHC role

Instead of mapping the image to a graph paper and then converted to the relative hexdecimal value at the screen, BHConverter help engineer convert image from Bitmap into hexdecimal value directly. No mapping, no converting. Just open the image and click a button, then the result is ready to use. BHConverter help developer reduce the time of product development cycle and also reduce the paper cost.

Software Specifications

Format Support:  Windows Bitmap (BMP)
Color Depth:  Monochrome, 16 Color and 256 Color
Image Size:  Varies size depend on the LCD panel.
 From 84 x 64 to 240 x 128
OS Support:  Microsoft Windows 9X/Me/2000

Using BHConverter

Step 1: Install BHConverter by run the installation program.

Step 2: If this is the first time you using our software, a register dialog box will appear (fig. 1). Please fill in the User Name and the Register Number. Both of them will send to you by e-mail after you buy our software.

fig. 1 Register Dialog Box

Step 3: After you success register the product. The main screen of the program will show (fig. 2). From top to bottom, the screen can be divided into three sections.
1. File Selection,
2. Picture Preview, and
3. File Conversion.

At section of File Selection, you can select the picture you want to convert into hexdecimal format. By changing the Driver and Directory, the bitmap image on this directory will show on the File list box.

The default directory is set to the install path of the program (step 1).

fig. 2 BHConverter main screen

Step 4: Double click the file you want to convert. The preview and some information about this image will show on the section of Picture Preview (fig. 3). At that time, the Convert button on the section of File Conversion is enabled.

fig. 3 Information about the selected image

Step 5: Press the Convert button to start the conversion process. After the process is finished, the section of File Conversion will show the Status and the location of Output File (fig. 4). By default, the Output File is save under the same directory of the selected picture, and the file name is: lcd_"selected file name".txt. (fig. 5)

Press Reset button to clear the selected picture and all status.

There have two radio buttons beside the Convert button, Normal and Inverse. If the Inverse button is selected, the Color of the converted file will be inverted. This option enabled in Monochrome Bitmap Conversion only.

fig. 4 After the conversion process

fig 5 Output result - lcd_Logo.txt

Step 6: Different versions of BHConverter support different image size and LCD controller. For example, if you buy a BHConverter that support 240 x 128 (Width x Height in pixel) monochrome bitmap and try to open a different size image, an error message will appeared (fig. 6).

fig. 6 Error in opening an incorrect size of image

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