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USB 20x4 Big Characters LCD (white characters blue backlight)

U204GMB-B1 Price: HK$323.00
(1) Brand
(2) Pixel Color
(3) Background Color
(4) Polarizer Type
(5) Backlight
(6) Data Transfer
(7) Resolution
(8) LCD Dimensions
(9) USB backplane
(10) USB connection
(11) Work with
(12) DLL for LCD Smartie
(13) DLL for Programming
(14) Software
(15) Internal USB cable
: Lcdmod Kit
: White
: Blue
: -ve Transmissive
: White LED Backlight
: USB 1.1 compliant
: 20 Characters x 4 Lines
: 146x62.5x13.5 mm
: 44x22x5.5mm / 3mm gap from LCD backplane
: mini-B / internal USB connector
: Lcd Smartie, lcd4linux and LCDProc
: Free (Work with Win 98 / XP, Vista, Windows 7 32&64 bit)
: with C++ source code
: Free Lcd Smartie (Work with Win 98 / XP, Vista, Windows 7 32&64 bit)
: Included (600mm long)
Ship by registered airmail with tracking number.
User Manual : U204GMB-B1.pdf
Windows Driver :
Programming DLL :
Download "LCD Smarite" here


Hardware Installation Guide
1.Connecting internal USB cable (USB LCD module side). 2. Connecting internal USB cable (Main board USB port header side). 3. Power up message.

Driver Installation
Choose ��Browse my computer for driver software�� Choose ��Browse my computer for driver software�� Choose ��Browse my computer for driver software��
1. Error message may be shown on your screen"
2.Copy the driver folder to any driver or desktop of your computer and Go to ��Control Panel".
3.Go to ��System and Security
4.Go to ��Device Manager��
5. ��LCD2USB�� with ��!��, right click the mouse and ��Update Driver Software��
6. Choose ��Browse my computer for driver software��
7. Find out the driver folder you copied before
8.Install this driver anyway
9. Close it

Software Installation
1. Unzip the ��lcd_smartie_v5.4�� to any drive any folder you like. Run ��LCDSmartie��
2.Set the display plugin to ��LCD2USB.dll�� in setup
3. Set the screen according to your LCD. LCD contrast and backlight brightness can be tune here.
4.Finished. LCD Smartie information is shown on the LCD now.

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