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USB 20x4 LCD PC modding - black cover (white characters blue backlight)

1 pcs.: HK$297.00 2 pcs.(bulk pack): HK$484.00 10 pcs.(bulk pack): HK$1983.00
(1) Brand
(2) Pixel Color
(3) Background Color
(4) Polarizer Type
(5) Backlight
(6) Cover sheet
(7) Data Transfer
(8) Resolution
(9) Frame Dimensions
(10) Screen Size
(11) Work with
(12) USB connection
(13) DLL for LCD Smartie
(14) DLL for programming
(15) Software
(16) Internal USB cable
: Lcdmod Kit
: White
: Blue
: -ve Transmissive
: White Backlight
: Black color, glossy surface
: USB 1.1 compliant (VID : 0403 / PID : C630)
: 20 Characters x 4 Lines
: 149.0 x 43.50 x 57.0 mm (W x H x L)

: 76x26 mm
: Lcd Smartie
: internal USB connector
: Free (Work with Win 98 / XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 32&64 bit)
: Free (Work with Win 98 / XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 32&64 bit)

: Free LCD Smartie (Work with Win 98 / XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 32&64 bit)
: Included (600mm long)
Note: Computer cannot control more than one USB LCD with same USB VID/PID pairs at the same time. It only will communicate one of them only. If you want to control more than one USB LCD by a computer, you must make sure that its USB VID/PID pair are not same. We have provide different USB VID/PID pair USB LCD, please see the specification of them.

Ship by registered airmail with tracking number. Please see the "Shipping" page, thanks.
User Manual : U204FB-A3.pdf
Windows Vista/7/8 Driver : driver
Windows XP Driver : driver
Smartie dll : LCD Smartie dll
Download "LCD Smarite" here
Packing List

Application Installation Guide & LCD contrast / Backlight brightness tuning - LCD Smartie
1. Copy the whole folder "lcd.smartie-v5.4 " to any folder/driver of your PC and click into the folder and run "LCDSmrtie".
2.Click in the setup and select the display plugin dll.
3. Set the screen according to your LCD. LCD contrast and backlight brightness can be tune here.
4.Finished. LCD Smartie information is shown on the LCD now.

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Item will be sent from Hong Kong by registered airmail. It need time to your country. If you cannot wait, please do not order it.

Thank you very much.

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